1st Division
La Familia

 Agreement between Maf, iyi, Hus, fx and 1st

1. Anyone who signs this agreement will obey it without exception.

2. If someone violates the contract, the offender is warned. If he violates again, he will be released from the alliance.

3. The contractual partners treat themselves with respect.

4. Disagreements are resolved through negotiations between the leaders. An impartial person will help with a solution if no agreement is reached.

5. Attacks on contractual partners are prohibited. (City, tiles, magic mine, resource tower) Exception kill event, attacks on cities and tiles are allowed (cities and tiles only) Another exception, at KvK Event there is peace for the entire weekend.

6. Resource towers are selected according to the alliance ranking.

7. All contract partners receive resources from the treasury. The resources are distributed evenly.